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Because language is the key to the world.

Wir fördern Sprache. I Geleitet von Fachwissen und Erfahrung. I Für Chancenfairness.

The challenge

The conditions that many multilingual children grow up with in Austria do not allow for a fair start to school and equal opportunities in education. Without additional easy-access promotion, they do not speak German sufficiently. Their first languages are not specifically promoted either.

We support the children. That way, they can utilise their full linguistic potential and begin their education path with good language skills.

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But not all of them can do that


of all students in Austria state that they speak no language other than German in their everyday life

Source: https://www.oesterreich.gv.at/themen/bildung_und_neue_medien/schule/Seite.110005.html

> 30,000

children in Austria participate in German promotion classes or courses

Source: Response to parliamentary question no. 4056/J-NR/2019


of students in primary schools in Vienna are classified as extraordinary students due to their German skills

Source: Presentation “Deutsch wirksam fördern”, Beatrice Müller – University of Vienna

Our vision is for this to change

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>> Children born in Austria should be provided with the best conditions to develop their linguistic potential even before they start school.

>> A child’s first language should not be the decisive factor for their success in education.

>> The children’s home languages should be valued and promoted.

This is how we can reach our goal

Language promotion

Language promotion
other languages

for parents

Further training on the topic of language promotion

Our partners enable equal opportunities