Learning workshops for parents & children

Learning workshops for parents & children

In the project, parents with a first language other than German are presented with tips and tricks on the topic of language promotion at workshop stations.

Summary information

The learning workshops aim at conveying knowledge on the topic of language promotion in an approachable manner. The participating parents learn about methods to support their children linguistically in their daily life and have the possibility to try them out with their children immediately.

Developing the project

The learning workshops at STARTKLAR have been offered since 2021 and have different main focuses depending on the target group.

How are the learning workshops designed?

A learning workshop lasts 120 minutes in total. A maximum of 8 parents can participate with their children. At two to three stations, the parents are shown different possibilities to support their children linguistically in their daily life. Parents are accompanied through the stations by a language promoter. All presented methods can be implemented language-independently. The German language as well as the first language of the children can be promoted depending on the language level of the parents. Parents have the opportunity to try out language promotion methods with their children. The language promoter is there for support and reflection.


Team Carmen

Carmen Kovacs, MA

Project Management

Tel: +43 660 211 2471

Email: carmen.kovacs@verein-startklar.at

Example – Station: Everyday integrated language promotion

Our parent education videos on the topic, implemented by STARTKLAR, are shown here (3 clips à 1:30 min. on the topics “The right way to ask questions”, “The right way to correct mistakes” and “Accompanying everyday life with language”) and discussed with the parents. The aim of this station is to show parents how language promotion can be incorporated into every situation of everyday life. The videos will be sent to the participating parents via WhatsApp upon request (video link will follow).