Wir kombinieren Fachwissen & Erfahrung.

Our work is based on linguistically sound language promotion methods which are combined with our practical experience. As the basis of our work, we have developed a methodological manual that is continuously expanded.

  • We provide language promotion in small groups of up to 8 children. According to our principle of “learning language through play”, we rely on a playful approach. The act of experiencing constitutes the focus of our attention.

  • Children learn languages unconsciously, which is a capability we make use of. The key is to teach language by following an action-oriented approach. Languages are learned through situations and actions.

  • Our basic principle of language promotion is engaging the child in an activity. We encourage this by using language promotion methods integrated into everyday life. These include, among others, frequently expanding the child’s utterances (expansion) as well as dealing with errors in the child’s utterances (corrective feedback).

>> In general, any material is didactically prepared for the children beforehand. This means that songs, rhymes or certain topics are prepared in a way that enables the children understand each word and the entire content, and to know what a text is about or what they are singing at the moment. For this we like to use visual material, but also things from everyday life that they can touch.

  • STARTKLAR is dedicated to the professionalisation of everyday integrated and specific language promotion in educational institutions. We share our experience and knowledge in advanced training courses and many discussions.

  • Working with parents is a significant aspect of our mission. We show parents in an approachable manner how they can foster their children’s language skills on a daily basis without additional effort.

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