Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions


Registrations for our courses can be made by phone or in writing via SMS, WhatsApp or email and are binding. Registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received. The parents obtain a registration confirmation from STARTKLAR in electronic or written form. There is no course reminder.

Terms of payment

The full course fee is to be paid at the beginning of the first course session. In case of bank transfer, the transfer receipt must be handed over at the beginning of the course.


Deregistrations can only be accepted up to 7 days before the start of the course and must be made in writing. There is no refund in case of cancellation/deregistration after the first course session.


There is no right to a make-up or refund of the course price for missed sessions (illness, vacation or the like). In case the course instructor makes a change or cancels a session, the parents will be contacted via SMS and the cancelled session will be added or made up at the end of the course. The STARTKLAR association is free to replace a course instructor at any time without prior notice.

Course rescheduling

The association reserves the right to postpone or cancel the start of a course if the minimum number of participants has not been reached. It is advised to check our office or our website for current course dates or changes of dates.

Behaviour on the course premises

The house rules must be observed. The instructions of the association’s employees must be followed at all times. In the event of significant misconduct and gross non-compliance with instructions, the association is entitled to exclude a child from the course.

Duty of supervision

The responsibility for supervision on the way to the course location until the start and after the end of the session resides solely with the parents or an accompanying person authorised to drop off and pick up the child. It is the parents’ duty to drop off and pick up the child on time. If persons other than the parents are to pick up the child, a written declaration to the association is required in advance. The person authorised to pick up the child must introduce him/herself to the staff of the association and identify him/herself at the first contact.


In the event of damage to the course premises, the furnishings, the teaching materials or the tools, the persons responsible shall be liable. During the supervision of the STARTKLAR association, the children are covered by the association’s liability insurance. The association assumes no liability for loss or damage to clothing or other personal belongings of the child, in particular jewellery, glasses, toys, etc., caused intentionally or by gross negligence. The parents are advised not to leave valuable items with their child during their play sessions and to label everything. The parents may be liable for damage caused by their child to a third party. It is recommended to take out private liability insurance. No liability shall be accepted for theft or damage to participants’ property or health.


In principle, children must be healthy in order to participate in the play sessions. This means, among other things, that there must not be any severe illnesses, colds, organ damage, infections or contagious diseases. The parents confirm this when registering the child.

Image and sound recording

Any photographs, audio and video material taken during the course by the course instructor or a person specifically appointed for this purpose in the name of Mag. Janine Fischer may be used anonymously by Mag. Janine Fischer for advertising purposes without any time or place restrictions in all forms of media. Furthermore, the material may be passed on to the funding bodies.