Nomination SozialMarie Award 2022

STARTKLAR made it into the TOP34 out of 275 submissions. A real success that makes us proud 🙂

Bildünger Challenge 2021

The project “Multilingualism Meets School” made it into the TOP8 projects in the Bildünger Challenge 2021. This allowed us to take part in the “Wirkstatt” – project development at the highest level!

SolzialMarie Nominated 2021

Nomination SozialMarie Award 2021

The project made it into the TOP35 out of 299 submissions and is nominated for the SozialMarie Award. This is a great honour for us!

Bank Austria Sozialpreis 2020

Bank Austria Social Award 2020

The project won first place in the Bank Austria Social Award in Lower Austria.

Mega Bildungsstiftung

Mega Education Foundation

The project was among the 8 most innovative educational projects in the course of the MEGA Education Foundation’s tender by the Berndorf Private Foundation and B&C Private Foundation.

Noe Integrationspreis

Integration Award Lower Austria

The project won the Integration Award in Lower Austria in November 2019, which was awarded for the first time.