Workshop on the topic of language promotion

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Workshops for professionals

Working with children who have different first languages and speak German at different levels is not uncommon in everyday pedagogical work. Linguistically heterogenuous classes or groups pose several challenges. The children need professional support in order to acquire language(s) successfully.


  • The basics of language acquisition, with a focus on the stages of language acquisition (first and second language)
  • Importance of the first language
  • Language promotion areas: phonology, syntax, etc.
  • Everyday integrated language promotion – How can I shape my daily interactions with the children in a way that promotes language?
  • Implementation of specific language promotion materials
  • Many practical examples


  • The aim is for the participating professionals to learn about linguistically sound findings on language promotion measures
  • The aim is for the participants to be able to create language promotion situations and to know how to implement diverse language promotion materials in a targeted manner
  • The aim is for the participants to recognise and use language promotion situations

min. 2 hours, max. 2 days

€70 per hour

We appreciate your interest!

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