Multilingual parenting

Individual counselling

In a one-to-one consultation, the respective language situation can be addressed individually. In this setting, there is enough room for the parents’ specific questions.

Contents of the consultation

  • How can I deal with multilingualism in the family?
  • What are the challenges (e.g. language rejection)?
  • How can I support my child in language learning?
  • Are there any funding opportunities?


The parents are supported in dealing with different languages in the family. Scientifically sound knowledge on the topic of language acquisition in children as well as promotion opportunities help present a stable framework for effective language development.

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Presentations & workshops

In small groups of 7-8 people, theoretical knowledge on the topics of language acquisition and multilingualism is passed on to the participating parents. Tips on language promotion are conceived and tested.


  • How do children learn language(s)?
  • How can I deal with multilingualism at home?
  • What language promotion methods are there for everyday life?
  • What language promotion games and materials are there?
  • School enrolment and MIKA-D (see next page)

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Growing up multilingual is a gift. In order for it to work, we share the most important information and tips on multilingual parenting in our leaflet “How Multilingualism Works”.

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